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Re: Woody/sid Apple G4 install question

On Sun, Jul 01, 2001 at 09:29:12PM -0400, Jimmy Kaplowitz wrote:

> Hmm, I have some questions to ask before I burn the CD. First, do the yaboot
> binary and the yaboot.conf file go in <root-of-cd>/master/ or
> <root-of-cd>/master/install/powermac/images-1.44/ ? Or is master itself the
> root of the cd?

no the master directory *becomes* the root of the CD.  thats how
mkhybrid/mkisofs work.    yaboot should be at the root so its not so
hard to execute from OpenFirmware.  

> > device=cd:
> > partition=2
> Could you explain the line 'partition=2'? I don't see how more than one
> partition is generated by mkhybrid. Is it some detail of the Apple partition
> map?

in order for OpenFimrware to read the CD we have to create a bogus
partition table ( -part to mkhybrid) since apple partition tables are
in themselves a partition, the actual data partition is number 2,
while the table itself is 1.  

> > image=linux
> > 	label=install
> > 	initrd=root.bin
> > 	initrd-size=8192
> This seems mostly clear, except for one thing: how does it locate root.bin if
> it's not in the root directory? I guess root.bin must be in the same directory
> as yaboot. See below for a related question.)

root.bin must be in the root directory.

> Is there a way to make it totally bootable? Most of my experience comes from
> x86-based computers like the one on which I am writing this message, and I have
> only in the past year or two been getting more comfortable with and excited
> about Macs. Therefore I wouldn't know. If it's not totally bootable, that's OK
> with me, but I'd prefer a nice "hold-down-C" boot.

yes, potato CDs are done that way and woody's will be too.  its just
more complicated to do since you have to write a maps file and put a
properly written ofboot.b script in.  if you want really truely
bootable CDs get potato and fight with its totally broken bootloader
non-setup routine.  

either that or get the cvs version of debian-cd, build a complete
debian mirror and you can make yourself real woody bootable CDs.  

> How does the command above locate yaboot? I suppose it must be placed in the
> root directory? Is that true for root.bin too? What about drivers.tgz and
> rescue.bin?

root.bin, yaboot and linux must be in the root directory as well as
install/powermac for your purposes.  its too complicated to explain
how to make this any other way.  if you really want to do it read the
source to debian-cd.  sorry but im not going to explain it.  

> As you can see, I'm confused about locations. However I am eager to try this.

take everything you downloaded from my page and put it in two places:

the root of the cd (master on your hard disk) AND in
install/powermac/images-1.44 since thats where dbootstrap tends to
want them.  this is a kludge but its far simpler then writing a 50
page book on how debian-cd works.  

> Thanks so much! Do you anticipate that this CD I'm burning will be useful for
> network installs of the final released woody? Lastly, do you think it is a good

maybe, but i doubt it, these are still development and things will no
doubt change from now till woody's release sometime in 2050.  

> or bad idea to use a CD-RW rather than a CD-R? I'd rather be able to replace

cd-rw is fine, thats how i do bootable CD tests on my Blue g3 so i
don't make stacks of coasters (AOL supplies more then enough

> the CD with a final woody installer when it comes out, but I'm worried about
> not being able to read it when I go to the destination computer.

cd-rw is readable on all newworld macs.  

Ethan Benson

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