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Re: Woody/sid Apple G4 install question

On Sun, Jul 01, 2001 at 03:54:04PM -0800, Ethan Benson wrote:
> if you want to try out woody boot-floppies have a current (as of
> yesterday afternoon) cvs build up at
> http://penguinppc.org/~eb/files/b-f-cvs/

Got 'em, thanks.

> to make an ad-hoc bootable CD drop all those files into a directory,
> say master along with a yaboot binary
> (http://penguinppc.org/usr/ybin/yaboot) and a yaboot.conf like this:

Hmm, I have some questions to ask before I burn the CD. First, do the yaboot
binary and the yaboot.conf file go in <root-of-cd>/master/ or
<root-of-cd>/master/install/powermac/images-1.44/ ? Or is master itself the
root of the cd?

> device=cd:
> partition=2

Could you explain the line 'partition=2'? I don't see how more than one
partition is generated by mkhybrid. Is it some detail of the Apple partition
> image=linux
> 	label=install
> 	initrd=root.bin
> 	initrd-size=8192

This seems mostly clear, except for one thing: how does it locate root.bin if
it's not in the root directory? I guess root.bin must be in the same directory
as yaboot. See below for a related question.)

> and run:
> mkhybrid -part -hfs -map maps -no-desktop -hfs-volid Debian -r -o cdimage.raw master
> it won't be a totally bootable CD, you will have to boot into
> OpenFirmware and enter the command:
> boot cd:,\yaboot

Is there a way to make it totally bootable? Most of my experience comes from
x86-based computers like the one on which I am writing this message, and I have
only in the past year or two been getting more comfortable with and excited
about Macs. Therefore I wouldn't know. If it's not totally bootable, that's OK
with me, but I'd prefer a nice "hold-down-C" boot.

How does the command above locate yaboot? I suppose it must be placed in the
root directory? Is that true for root.bin too? What about drivers.tgz and

> some people have trouble installing the kernel and drivers unless its
> in a specific directory structure, i never have to do this but...
> make copies of the files you got from my b-f-cvs directory and put
> them in:
> master/install/powermac/images-1.44/

As you can see, I'm confused about locations. However I am eager to try this.
Thanks so much! Do you anticipate that this CD I'm burning will be useful for
network installs of the final released woody? Lastly, do you think it is a good
or bad idea to use a CD-RW rather than a CD-R? I'd rather be able to replace
the CD with a final woody installer when it comes out, but I'm worried about
not being able to read it when I go to the destination computer.

Bleah. I talk too much. Thanks anyway. :-) Really, I mean it.

- Jimmy Kaplowitz

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