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Woody/sid Apple G4 install question

Hi there boot people. I have a simple question: I am soon (Tuesday) going to be
doing an install of Debian on an Apple G4. (Of course, this has no floppy
drive, so I'd have to boot off of a CD-ROM.) Should I use a potato CD and then
upgrade to woody or sid over the available T1-speed DSL connection, or would
it be better to roll my own woody CDs? If so, what settings, packages, etc.
would you recommend using? Do I need to put any packages on it, or can I
download everything over the DSL? Since -boot is responsible for debian-cd and
boot-floppies, I am asking here. Thanks for any and all replies. If this is
off-topic, just tell me where to ask and I'll humbly apologize for being OT and
then go ask somewhere else.

- Jimmy Kaplowitz

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