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Re: Install Report (b-f 2.3.6 i386; floppy/net; standard)

On Mon, Jun 25, 2001 at 05:35:17AM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
> Rebooting to Windows then tells me that the bastard install has decided
> to fuck up my clock and put it 10 hours ahead, even though I'm pretty
> sure I told it that the hw clock is *NOT* in GMT. Bleh.

This seems like it'd be consistent with the following:

	system clock in .au time
	b-f's boot, load clock, think it's now, but UTC
	systems installed, reboot happens
	base boots, loads clock, think it's now, but UTC
	timezone gets set to Australia/Brisbane (+10)
	think it's 10 hours later than it is
	shutdown -h
	hwclock gets written to be 10 hours later than it is

This could be fixed by reloading the hwclock immediately after setting
the timezone and choosing whether the hwclock is in UTC or localtime.

This'll leave the install with a whole bunch of files dated in the future
from the base install, afaict, which seems a bit dodgy. :-/ No way of
avoiding that without telling dbootstrap the correct timezone and time


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