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boot-floppies_2.3.6_arm.changes INSTALLED

bf-images-1.44_2.3.6_arm.tar.gz byhand
bf-archive-install_2.3.6_arm.sh byhand
bf-doc_2.3.6_arm.tar.gz byhand
bf-riscpc_2.3.6_arm.tar.gz byhand
  to pool/main/b/boot-floppies/install-doc_2.3.6_arm.deb
bf-netwinder_2.3.6_arm.tar.gz byhand
bf-misc_2.3.6_arm.tar.gz byhand
bf-cats_2.3.6_arm.tar.gz byhand
Changes: boot-floppies (2.3.6) unstable; urgency=low
  * Adam Di Carlo
    - new package called 'install-doc'.  That contains documentation and
      release notes for a given architecture
    - minor documentation corrections (more Woody work needed)
    - dbootstrap: when partitioning, if quiet, pick 2.0 ext2 filesystem
      automatically for ARM and 2.2 for everyone else; change the bad
      block scan wording so it's not a double-negative -- it asks if you
      want to perform the bad block scan, but defaults to "no"
    - get the doc-web target going
    - debian/control: update boot-floppies package description;
      build-depends/depend on libnewt-pic
    - debian/copyright: some updates, strip out busybox notice
    - include README-CVS in the boot-floppies doc-dir (it's also in the
      shipped tarball)
  * Richard Hirst:
    - hppa porting and documentition updates; should now produce working
    - added vt102 termtype, as that is what busybox init sets for serial
      consoles (stops cfdisk failing with S-Lang: Unknown error)
    - improved dialog text when cfdisk offers to wipe your partition
      table, and made it default to No
    - hppa, rename subarchs to '32' and '64', don't tell palo the term
      type as it now works it out for itself, don't use modules in root.bin
      so 32 and 64 bit kernels can share it
  * Matt Kraai:
    - show the output of /etc/profile only if we are truly an interactive
      shell (not on tty1)
    - include /etc/apm and /etc/apm/event.d in pcmcia.tgz to ensure that
      there permissions are those in the deb
  * David Whedon:
    - library reduction improvements
    - take 3rd party modules question out of the mainline, now user needs
      to specifically choose it.  This question confused people.
  * Josip Rodin:
    - improvements to documentation/doc-check
    - start a bit on woody release notes
  * Stephen R Marenka
    - PowerPC: fixes for Quik
    - Moved write_userconfig code for proxy to nf_select_server so that
      it always gets called.
  * Ethan Benson:
    - Add comment to generated quik.conf mentioning quik's non-support of
    - Remove workaround for Bug#54265 now that its fixed.
    - Fix bogosity in copyFile resulting in dbootstrap's umask being set to 0
    - Fix totally broken fdisk symlink fixing for PowerMac.
    - Fix driversdisk.sh and rescue.sh not to create world writable files.
    - Fix permissions on installed kernel so it isn't executable if the rescue
      floppy is FAT.
    - Make sure /target/tmp is created 1777 (base-files fixes it anyway)
    - Set sane (022) umask in dbootstrap.
    - Don't try and eject root floppy on NewWorld PowerMacs (which never
      have floppy drives)
    - Add woody.debs from debootstrap to rootdisk.
  * Christian T. Steigies:
    - m68k cleanup
    - rootfiles: replace READ-pl.txt by READ-??.txt to catch also READ-gl.txt
    - build [amiga|atari|mac]install.tgz in bf-archive-install.sh
    - use "the right way" to extract m68k-tftp-lilo
    - do not build HFS image for mac and delete it immediatly. I left the code
      in, in case this is needed at some time, but I could not make $ROOTCMD

Thank you for your contribution to Debian.

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