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Bug#101943: Install routine: wrong detection of an existing swap partition

Package: install
Version: 2.2r3 (potato)
Severity: high

The install routine has a serious bug detecting an existing swap partition.

My disk layout: 

    hda1        Boot        Primary   Linux ext2                         847.21
    hda3                    Primary   BSD/386                           7567.26
    hda5                    Logical   Linux ext2                        4745.99
    hda6                    Logical   Linux swap                         411.27

The extended partition is hda4, I don't have hda2.

The kernel says (dmesg|grep hda)
  hda: IBM-DJNA-371350, ATA DISK drive
  hda: 26520480 sectors (13578 MB) w/1966KiB Cache, CHS=1650/255/63
   hda: hda1 hda3 hda4 < hda5 hda6 >
   hda3: <bsd: hda7 hda8 hda9 >

The problem is that the installation routine suggested /dev/hda9 - and only 
/dev/hda9 - as swap partition. This is, of course, my FreeBSD-/usr-filesystem.
I'm lucky that I knew that the BSD-partitions get the highest numbers in
Linux, else I probably had lost a lot of data.

I think that the routine gets confused by the BSD-Partition and "thinks" the
last partition must be hda9.

Imho this bug is very dangerous, so I suggest a high severity.


PS: Please excuse my bad English.

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