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Bug#100996: To Stephen

Gaby Schilders <g_schilders@yahoo.com> writes:

> Now that I've looked into the process a bit more I have to agree. It
> did make me wonder though if a minimalized apt-get would be able to
> replace some of the other stuff on the install-disk and offer more
> functionality.  (Yes smaller is better, integration is the faith of
> others, but still :D ) wget/dpkg/scripts out, apt-get in? You need
> _something_ on the boot-disk itself to get apt-get and all other
> packages anyway, the old chicken and egg problem.

No, we can't fit apt-get, period.  And you couldn't eliminate dpkg
(apt-get requries it).

> The only reason why I came to the 'base-package' idea was to make
> the list of packages more visible and to overcome the fact that now
> the boot-floppies need to be updated instead of a server-side
> package.  I have to edit the package-list by hand on the VT after
> booting to get the install going. Replacing the 'base- package'
> would've been invisible for all the users.

You shouldn't have to edit this ever.  Why did you feel you had to
edit this?  Again, what are you trying to do?

Please focus on reporting what the problem is rather than trying to
engineer a solution.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onshore.com.....<URL:http://www.onshored.com/>

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