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Broken disk images and installation issues

Hi all!

First of all, thanks to the Debian team :) I had a Delix distribution
one or two years ago, which wasn't able to use a CD-ROM if the system 
was faster then 16 MHz. Earlier this year I tried a Mandrake system, 
which let me select tons of options during installation but, regardless
of what I selected, dropped everything it could get its hands on onto 
the harddisk. Well, the result didn't boot anyway..

So, Debian. As far as I got until now, the installation process is
brilliant, easy to use, almost self-explaining. Especially the network
installation feature saves a lot of disk swaps (if you know about it..).

Anyway, I fetched i386 potato 1.44 images from ftp.de.debian.org and have 
a slight problem with compact/driver-1.bin and base-3.bin. After reading
the disks Debian reports "checksum is not the same as it was when 
written to disk" (or something like that:). 
The MD5 sums match the ones in the list, so no download error. IMHO it
also can't be a disk problem since a) I tried seven different disks,
b) tried most of them two or three times (writing from a Win95 system)
and c) all disks perfectly worked with the other disk images needed
until then (rescue, root, drivers 1 to 4 (standard), base until 2).
Could someone have a look at the files on the server? And can I really
be the only one since April who used these disks?

Something else I wondered about was why there have to be two sets 
of source files: a .tgz for network installation and the .bin files
for disk installation.
Especially downloading 15Mb base2_2.tgz is, ahem, not that funny ;)
The de- and us-http-servers do not seem to support resume (or it 
didn't work that day) and if the downloaded file is broken for some
reason, you have to fetch all 15Mb again (you'll call me stupid if
I tell you I did it two times..).

Would be nice to if one could use the disk images for installation 
over network, too. Or at least a non-unix tool to convert the disk
images to a .tgz. 
Will save the users' time and your bandwidth :)

Another thing I noticed in the compact drivers archive: quite a lot
of network cards, but no standard PCI NE2000, just ISA?

Finally, the compact rescue image dumps a lot of debugging notices 
to the screen when waiting for the root disk.

Thanks, any help appreciated with that checksum problem above!

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