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Re: Broken disk images and installation issues

Sönke Tesch <soenke@kino-fahrplan.de> writes:

> Anyway, I fetched i386 potato 1.44 images from ftp.de.debian.org and have 
> a slight problem with compact/driver-1.bin and base-3.bin. After reading
> the disks Debian reports "checksum is not the same as it was when 
> written to disk" (or something like that:). 
> The MD5 sums match the ones in the list, so no download error. IMHO it
> also can't be a disk problem since a) I tried seven different disks,
> b) tried most of them two or three times (writing from a Win95 system)
> and

rawrite2 is broken, I bet that's your problem.

> c) all disks perfectly worked with the other disk images needed
> until then (rescue, root, drivers 1 to 4 (standard), base until 2).
> Could someone have a look at the files on the server? And can I really
> be the only one since April who used these disks?

No, that cannot be.

> Something else I wondered about was why there have to be two sets 
> of source files: a .tgz for network installation and the .bin files
> for disk installation.
> Especially downloading 15Mb base2_2.tgz is, ahem, not that funny ;)
> The de- and us-http-servers do not seem to support resume (or it 
> didn't work that day) and if the downloaded file is broken for some
> reason, you have to fetch all 15Mb again (you'll call me stupid if
> I tell you I did it two times..).

Base is gone in woody completely.

> Another thing I noticed in the compact drivers archive: quite a lot
> of network cards, but no standard PCI NE2000, just ISA?

Dunno, you can file a bug on kernel-image-2.2.19-compact if you think
it's missing a driver it should have.  We on this list don't actually
manage the kernels.

> Finally, the compact rescue image dumps a lot of debugging notices 
> to the screen when waiting for the root disk.

Another kernel issue.  The kernel seems to do that on some i386
hardware.  No worries...

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onshore.com.....<URL:http://www.onshored.com/>

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