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Re: Bug#100996: To Stephen

Stephen R Marenka <stephen@marenka.net> writes:

> On Mon, Jun 18, 2001 at 08:26:45AM +0100, Gaby Schilders wrote:
> > In that case why don't you make use of apt-get -f
> > dist-upgrade and create a 'task-base'? That would be
> > the first time that I see _real_ legitimate case for a
> > task package... :) The necesarry packages would be in
> > that package and you get floppy real-estate for nice
> > things as a main mirror-list. If things change you
> > have
> > a standardized way of updating instead of having to
> > hack an obscure script.
> > Even if you don't use a task-package you can maybe
> > spare an inode and seperate the list from the script.
> > Just some ideas.
> apt-get hasn't been installed yet, neither has much of 
> anything else. What do you use to install apt-get and 
> it's supporting requirements?
> I'm redirecting this to debian-boot where the smart people live.

The list of base packages is essentially controlled by debootstrap

What does it buy us to have that list in a task package?  Nothing,

What exactly are we trying to accomplish?  obviously, if base changes
such as a package split, the process that installs base (debootstrap)
has to change as well.  There's no way to avoid this maintenance

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