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Bug#100996: To Stephen

On Sun, Jun 17, 2001 at 11:51:12AM +0100, Gaby Schilders wrote:
> I already found out that it is indeed packages
> breaking during install. In this case groff-base
> didn't install so it hung on groff and man-db not
> installing. Nice to know but I have two remarks:

Right, I'd forgotten which packages in particular.

> please put the error from apt-get instead of the error
> that debootstrap generates to make debugging easier
> for the non-initiated. Secondly I think the install
> shouldn't break on base-packages, especially when
> doing a net-install. (I did try a different
> install-site,

It's a bit more complex than that, but I agree that error isn't 
obvious. It bit me and it took me a while to discover what was 
going on. Of course, once base is frozen, we won't have quite 
these problems. For instance, I believe that groff got split and 
debootstrap downloads "base" packages by name and doesn't do 
dependency checking. This just isn't something that you normally 
have to worry about with a stable system.

> nada. The previous set of bootfloppies gave the same
> problems altough they had worked a few days earlier.
> They had their own hiccups so I decided to try these
> for re-doing the install... my bad... now I have
> nothing ;P)

The problem isn't strictly in boot-floppies (although debootstrap now 
installs groff-base). boot-floppies, in particular debootstrap, 
downloads packages from a mirror. If a package is broken in the mirror, 
then boot-floppies breaks even if nothing has changed in the 
boot-floppy code.

> Btw, who do I go to for suggestions on features and 
> changes?


Subscription and archive information is available off of
<http://debian.org>. The code is available anonymously from 
cvs.debian.org feel free to make patches and send them to the list.

> p.s. I _love_ the two floppy net-install using compact.

That's my main installation for most of my production systems (potato).


Stephen R. Marenka     If life's not fun, you're not doing it right!

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