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Bug#100996: To Stephen

I already found out that it is indeed packages
breaking during install. In this case groff-base
didn't install so it hung on groff and man-db not
installing. Nice to know but I have two remarks:
please put the error from apt-get instead of the error
that debootstrap generates to make debugging easier
for the non-initiated. Secondly I think the install
shouldn't break on base-packages, especially when
doing a net-install. (I did try a different
nada. The previous set of bootfloppies gave the same
problems altough they had worked a few days earlier.
They had their own hiccups so I decided to try these
for re-doing the install... my bad... now I have
nothing ;P)

Btw, who do I go to for suggestions on features and 

p.s. I _love_ the two floppy net-install using compact.

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