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Re: [OT] extracting boot image from 'el torito' image

On 13 Jun 2001 at 01:01 (-0400), Adam Di Carlo wrote:
| Brent Verner <brent@rcfile.org> writes:
| > Hi,
| >   Sorry for the noise, but I figured this is the best list for the
| > question.
| > 
| >   How can I extract the boot image from a bootable ISO image?
| > 
| > I've tried
| >     dd if=iso.raw of=boot.img bs=2 skip=21 count=720
| > but it doesn't give me the bootable floppy image.
| The disk itself is the bootable image.

well, yes, the cdrom does contain a bootable (1.44 or 2.88) image. 
I would like to see that image. I believe there is no convenient
way to do this with current tools.

| There are other images provided (boot/root) if you want 1.44MB
| versions suitable for standard floppy.

are those the /same/ as the one written to the bootable ISO images?


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