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Re: 2.3.5 powerpc installation

On Sun, Jun 10, 2001 at 11:08:10PM -0700, Chris Tillman wrote:
> So more attention will need to  be paid to getting all the possibly needed
> net driver modules into the installer (for example, last time I checked,
> rtl8139 or 8139too wasn't available for powerpc; that's what I need for my

all the standard mac drivers are compiled in iirc.  but if you find a
module thats missing file a bug against the kernel-image-<ver>-pmac
package.  b-f has no control over this.  

> oldworld). And, giving users clues about how to figure out what's in their
> machine before they start an install, or maybe something could be figured
> out from /proc?

this problem is not specific to powerpc, im not sure what is the best
way to document that.  its pretty long known that your supposed to do
your homework and find out what hardware you have before any linux

> I already made the mistake once, of formatting a drive that had Windows on
> it before looking to see what net driver had been picked there, so I could
> pick the similar one during the Linux install.

screwdriver + computer case + peek inside.  ;-)

Ethan Benson

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