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Re: 2.3.5 powerpc installation

> the base tarball is obsolete, install the base system now uses
> debootstrap to install read debs.  an unfortunate side affect of this
> is that you MUST install the base either via the network, from a
> CDROM, or a ext2 partition with a full debian mirror.  crippled
> filesystems need not apply since they cannot store long filenames.
> personally i think debootstrap should support a tarball target so it
> can take a base.tgz and extract .debs from it (as opposed to the old
> method of extracting a precooked root filesystem out of base.tgz).
> after i finish testing my latest round of b-f hacking ill look at
> deboostrap and see how hard that would be to add, then ask aj if he is
> open to accepting a patch for something like that.

So more attention will need to  be paid to getting all the possibly needed
net driver modules into the installer (for example, last time I checked,
rtl8139 or 8139too wasn't available for powerpc; that's what I need for my
oldworld). And, giving users clues about how to figure out what's in their
machine before they start an install, or maybe something could be figured
out from /proc?

I already made the mistake once, of formatting a drive that had Windows on
it before looking to see what net driver had been picked there, so I could
pick the similar one during the Linux install.


Chris Tillman

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