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cvs commit to boot-floppies/utilities/dbootstrap by eb

Repository: boot-floppies/utilities/dbootstrap
who:        eb
time:       Sun Jun 10 23:30:26 PDT 2001

Log Message:

Add execlog_to_string() function that stores the program's stdout in a
variable and send stderr to syslog, also returns the programs exit

pretty much rewrite run_plilo_quik():
  - ditch the gross shell script hack for setting up OF, use execlog_to_string()
  - remove commented out code for setting output-device, not enough
    machines will work with this anyway, i don't think its worth the
  - reorganize error dialogs, make it abort sooner on fatal errors
  - Add back pleasewaitbox.
  - remove 2>&1 | logger hack, execlog() already sends stdout/err to syslog
  - cruft removal.

  - stop deleting /target/etc/yaboot.conf, the yaboot
    package no longer includes a default yaboot.conf.
  - add strerror(errno) in a few places.

remove Configure The Base System from the main menu, this has already
been removed so having this here prevents compilation.


changed:    bootconfig.c main_menu.c util.c util.h

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