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Re: tail /var/log/messages spasm

Stephen R Marenka <stephen@marenka.net> writes:

> Intermittently during testing, I've found that the tail
> /var/log/messages running on tty3 sometimes reports "no such file or
> directory." I assume this is because the messages file simply doesn't
> exist yet.
> Certainly one fix for this would be to touch messages in=20
> scripts/rootdisk/prototype/var/log, thus creating an empty file. Perhaps
> another way is to otherwise create the file at boot time, perhaps in
> inittab?
> What's the best solution?

I think the idea of shipping an empty
scripts/rootdisk/prototype/var/log/messages file seems fine.

Someone should just add that to CVS, no code changes needed.

> On another topic: currently, the default ext2 partition formatting 
> provides backward support for 2.0 kernels. Would anyone object if I 
> change the default to 2.2 (and later) kernels? I noticed that the arm 
> message (in utilities/dbootstrap/partition_config.c) is a bit different, 
> something about netwinder firmware. I won't change that entry without 
> explicit instructions.

Yes, let's drop it except on ARM, which needs it for their
bootloader.  No other boot loader requires the ext2 from 2.0 and can't
cope with the ext2 from 2.2 kernels (unless I'm mistaken).

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