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should ext2 be formated to support 2.0 kernels?

Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com> wrote:
> > On another topic: currently, the default ext2 partition formatting 
> > provides backward support for 2.0 kernels. Would anyone object if I 
> > change the default to 2.2 (and later) kernels? I noticed that the arm 
> > message (in utilities/dbootstrap/partition_config.c) is a bit different, 
> > something about netwinder firmware. I won't change that entry without 
> > explicit instructions.
> Yes, let's drop it except on ARM, which needs it for their
> bootloader.  No other boot loader requires the ext2 from 2.0 and can't
> cope with the ext2 from 2.2 kernels (unless I'm mistaken).

What advantages does it give if a filesystem does not support Linux 2.0?

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