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thoughts on boot floppies

hi guys,

probably this thought has ben thought before, but i searched in the archives
for it and didn't find it.

when i installed the first time debian, i had used redhat for one year and
still was a novice to linux, but when installing debian i was sold immediately,
because i found it a very futuristic distribution. a really living and
networked distro. this because of the way it installed. i was asked to
configure a ppp-account to install parts from the internet, i could select
modules while installing, i could interactively configure programs, while it
was setting up my system. then later on i discovered apt-get and (you probably
feel the same), i cannot miss it anymore.

i like the installer how it is now in a certain way, or better: i don't dislike
it. but the only thing which i don't understand, is why do i need 2
boot-floppies, 4 drivers-floppies and 11 base-floppies to install a system,
when i want to install from the network. while when i use less advanced systems
like redhat or mandrake, i have one "net=floppy" to boot from, select the
IPadres of the server were the images are and "go".

i am volunteer at a free internetworkplace. we are a kind of internetcafe, but
then more low-budget and our whole network is almost 100% debian (the
barmachine is mandrake). we have an installserver with all the images for the
different architectures, and when a customer is coming with his laptop and
would like to have installed debian, i connect it on the network and take the
17floppies out of the box, he almost says: what are you doing?

i wonder what the reason is for this. and maybe i can help out a bit.


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