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Re: thoughts on boot floppies

On Sun, Jun 03, 2001 at 09:28:01AM +0200, MPfeifer wrote:
> hi guys,
> probably this thought has ben thought before, but i searched in the archives
> for it and didn't find it.
> when i installed the first time debian, i had used redhat for one year and
> still was a novice to linux, but when installing debian i was sold immediately,
> because i found it a very futuristic distribution. a really living and
> networked distro. this because of the way it installed. i was asked to
> configure a ppp-account to install parts from the internet, i could select
> modules while installing, i could interactively configure programs, while it
> was setting up my system. then later on i discovered apt-get and (you probably
> feel the same), i cannot miss it anymore.
> i like the installer how it is now in a certain way, or better: i don't dislike
> it. but the only thing which i don't understand, is why do i need 2
> boot-floppies, 4 drivers-floppies and 11 base-floppies to install a system,
> when i want to install from the network. while when i use less advanced systems
> like redhat or mandrake, i have one "net=floppy" to boot from, select the
> IPadres of the server were the images are and "go".

if your network card is compiled into the kernel (the most popular
ones are) you only need rescue and root floppies.  no drivers, no
base.  those can be fetched via the network as you suggest.  

> i wonder what the reason is for this. and maybe i can help out a bit.

boot-floppies do need help, perhaps not with this since i think we
already have close to what you want (one floppy is pushing it i

Ethan Benson

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