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Re: powerpc-utils and DEBIAN_FRONTEND

Stephen R Marenka wrote:
> The problem seems to be that hwclock.sh is a conffile and wants to
> prompt the user about whether to override the existing file.
> Unfortunately, we're running in non-interactive mode so the STDIN prompt 
> fails and powerpc-utils fails to configure. I can configure 
> powerpc-utils manually, but that isn't exactly acceptable for boot-floppies.

Well, the obvious fix is to make debootstrap run dpkg with --force-confnew.

The obvious question is, why was this conffile already present on a new
install? Did debootstrap or some other package create it? Either could
be gounds for a bug report. Or was debootstrap ran on a filesystem that
already had a debian install on it? Maybe a partial install from an
earlier failed debootstrap run?
see shy jo

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