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Re: powerpc-utils and DEBIAN_FRONTEND

On Sun, May 27, 2001 at 04:25:24PM -0700, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
> On Thu, May 24, 2001 at 02:23:58PM -0500, Stephen R Marenka wrote:
> > While working on woody boot-floppies on my oldworld powermac, I noticed
> > that powerpc-utils seems to ignore the DEBIAN_FRONTEND=Noninteractive.
> > It thus fails to configure. This is a required package.
> > 
> > How do I figure out what's at fault and fix it or where should I file a
> > bug?
> Huh?
> Read the powerpc-utils postinst.  All I call is update-rc.d and
> #DEBHELPER#... no debconf at all.

I did notice that all the DEBIAN_FRONTEND stuff seemed to apply to
debconf, but hey I'm new to this.

The problem seems to be that hwclock.sh is a conffile and wants to
prompt the user about whether to override the existing file.
Unfortunately, we're running in non-interactive mode so the STDIN prompt 
fails and powerpc-utils fails to configure. I can configure 
powerpc-utils manually, but that isn't exactly acceptable for boot-floppies.

Since everything else seems to work okay, I suppose there's a better way?

This is outside my experience, but I'll have to figure it out sooner or
later -- I was just hoping for later.

Also, the current version doesn't seem to compile cleanly. I had to 
change the #include<asm/*> to #include<linux/*>. I can send a patch 
and/or file a bug if that's the right thing to do.



Stephen R. Marenka     If life's not fun, you're not doing it right!

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