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Re: APUS Debian Boot-Floppies Images and bugs


> > no, and yes.  Under AmigaOS you run 'install df0:' but this doesnt
> > put any files onto the disk as such, it just writes a bootblock
> > (a few hundred bytes) to the floppy. Theres no reason why we couldnt have
> > an AmigaOS bootblock and write it to disk with 'dd' 
> but you do get access to the CLI if i remember well, isn't it ?

yes - but you only run stuff that is in AmigaROM. 
> Not on cyberstorm boards. how big is it anyway ? I don't think we can ship
> that, but then maybe we could, if we ask nicely. Ralph would be the author, no
> that there is no phase5 anymore. Also this don't apply to the m68k case.

I guess we have to ask Ralph for permission for the CS_PPC cards.
> why not a plain gzipped tarball or lha archive ?

because the floppy still must be 'install'ed , whereas an ADF image *is*
the whole floppy and will write-out nicely.  of course, if you are going
to do everything under AmigaOS (courtesy of an emergencyboot.{lha/tar.gz}
on the Debian CD) then you can just stick a small AmigaOS script into the 
same directory which will format a floppy, install it then depack stuff
onto it


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