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Re: APUS Debian Boot-Floppies Images and bugs


> But the bootblock is code. Of course we can reverse engineer and clean room
> reimplement one (IIRC it justs opens dos.library and returns 1 or 0).

over 10,000 coders have made their own bootblocks for Amiga
floppies...either commercial games or demo disks. 

some even got sine-scrolling messages with a chip-tune to fit into 
that one sector  8-)
> Yep. But it's quite useless without real commands on the disk :-)

theres...50?..commands in AmigaROM and the libraries built-in
(all major AmigaOS ones - after all, workbench can boot up with just the
'loadwb' command on a bootable floppy!) 
> Because it's easier to mess up things with tar/lha than with ADF or DMS?
> Alternatively, let them use gunzip and dd :-)

:-)  oh dear, I can imagine where that'd lead

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