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Re: base-config cruft cleanup

Anthony Towns wrote:
> Nope, but I only create it if it doesn't already exist. (So if
> b-f's/dbootstrap create a dummy file, debootstrap won't touch it)

Oh, I see -- if you do this _before_ installing apt, it will never copy
in its example sources.list in its postinst.

If that's it, then all should be well, and I can just stop commenting
out the file probably.

> Also, for cdrom installs, and maybe for file:/ installs, the sources.list
> debootstrap writes may well be broken. :(

Ugh. Then apt-setup will need to test it and comment it out if it's
broken. Or is this something fixable in debootstrap? What do you think
it will be outputting in this case?

see shy jo

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