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Re: APUS Debian Boot-Floppies Images and bugs

On Tue, May 15, 2001 at 09:44:26AM -0500, Christian T. Steigies wrote:
> On Tue, May 15, 2001 at 04:23:38PM +0200, Sven LUTHER wrote:
> > > 
> > > not that i can think of.  certainly boot-programs (such as the
> > > APUS/AF-booter (by Mr Duncan ) need MUI libraries, but the plain
> > > boothack/bootstrap for APUS just needs powerpc.library, which is in ROM
> I don't use APUS, plain old A2k. AFAIK amiboot needs some AOS libraries,
> Geert?

Which are in the rom, most of them anyway, isn't it. They will be installed on
any amiga hardware we care to use, unless you are speaking about the rare
draco boxes.

> > If nothing did change since potato, boot floppies are non free anyway.
> Um, the lha code was removed long ago. m68k is not the reason for bf to be
> non-free. Is it still? BTW, it was in contrib...

There were some other thinks there, i think.

> > > theres no issue of copyright with bootable floppies. PD software has been
> > > on such things for years.  I guess as a last resort we can create a
> > > bootable emegency floppy, compact it into ADF format and then it can go
> > > onto the CD - and users can make it themselves from under AmigaOS with
> > > transADF and the like?
> You did not get my point... if you need linux to write the linux
> boot-floppy, you alread have linux installed, so what? If you need AOS to
> write the floppy, you already have AOS installed, so just double click on the
> StartInstall Icon. SO WHAT? It does not work from a PC, unless you have a

Suppose you want to reformat your harddisk, so that it be full linux (not
adviceable but still), suppose you have to buy a new harddisk, because you
older one died, and you can only have one connected at a time (for whatever
reason). Suppose you want ot have a rescue floppy, in case something goes
(very) wrong while you were just testing the boot floppies for example.

All the above objections are the same if you were using linux on i386.

> special controller, and it will give you no improvement when you do it on an
> amiga. Don't tell me you could need a rescue floppy, you can always use

Or you may just prepare the floppies on amiga 1 and do the installation on
amiga 2, or on the one of a friend (which has strange powerup libraries
installed which will make apusboot fail) 

> StartInstall to get a rescue system up (unless you trash your AOS disk, but
> you mount them read-only, so its not going to happen). I do not see any

Why not, a badly done fdisk job will do just that ?

> benefit from bootable floppies for amigas. I can already hear the users
> screaming "your floppy does not work on my system"... but if somebody else
> is going to put that into bf, document it and take all the hits from the
> users, youre welcome.

Sure, but the real question, is if it is easy to do (most of use do someting
similar on our harddisk by hand anyway), then why not do it.

mmm, what do you feel could be a reason for them not to work for people ? The
only reason i see is if they try 1.76Mo floppies in 880Ko drives.

> > why not a plain gzipped tarball or lha archive ?
> How do you write the bootblock with tar? Or lha? Only ADF, DMS and similar
> would work.

you just to it with install under amigaos, and then copy the stuff over to
your floppy disk. why make things complicated when you can make it easy.


Sven Luther

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