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Re: powerpc woody bf installation status

On Sat, May 12, 2001 at 11:18:06AM -0600, Erik Andersen wrote:
> I'm building a new one now.  Rather then waiting for 0.52 to 
> stabalize, I'm backporting the critical bugfixes into 0.51.

Is that 0.51-3?  You havn't picked up the md5sum fix, which is necessary
for big endian:

slab:/usr/src/x# diff busybox-0.51/md5sum.c ../busybox-0.51/md5sum.c 
< #define SWAP(n) (n)
> /* Handle endian-ness */
> 	#define SWAP(n) (n)
> #else
> 	#define SWAP(n) ((n << 24) | ((n&65280)<<8) | ((n&16711680)>>8) | (n>>24))
> #endif

I built my own from 0.51-1 source last week and found zcat didn't
work if you fed it input in stdin - just gave a usage msg.  Havn't
checked if that is fixed in cvs yet, or if it was a local problem.

Currently using a 0.50 build with the md5sum fix in it, but in that
sed doesn't work,

sed -n '/^[Mm][Dd]5[Ss][Uu][Mm]/,/^[^ ]/p' < $reldest

only spits out the md5sum: line of the release file and none of the
following lines.  Again, havn't checked cvs yet.


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