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powerpc woody bf installation status

On ppc I can now get all the way to extracting base. Sorry about
breaking Sparc -- I thought I recalled seeing __KERNEL__ in at least
<asm-i386/unaligned.h>, but it must have been my fuzzy eyes.

I have a couple simple patches to commit -- hopefully tonight -- one
fixes a build error and the other adds the pmac drivers disk to the
dbootstrap list of known driver disks.

The next major stumbling block I ran into was that pump doesn't work
(bts# 94176). Pump has annoyed me for a number of reasons including
bts#64092 and its kin. I think there was some discussion some time ago
about perhaps using dhcp-client. So I hacked dhcp-client to work. It
works very well. The downside is that dhcp-client takes up a bit more
space than pump: 137930 (more if kernel 2.0 support is required) vs.
58112.  It's easy enough to #def this into/out of dbootstrap, but not
quite so trivial to maintain both versions of the EXTRACT files. Let me
know if you want the patch, even if just for dbootstrap.

That got me all the way to installing base, but that slammed to a halt
quickly since it appears that md5sum is broken (another busybox problem? 
ppc-only? needs more research). So, I commented out the md5 check in 
debootstrap to see how much further I could go. That got me to 
mount -t proc proc /proc which failed miserably. Interestingly, /proc 
was already (successfully?) mounted. I don't see a good way to get 
around that so there it ends.

I guess I'll be checking out the busybox cvs next.

Stephen R. Marenka     If life's not fun, you're not doing it right!

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