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Re: Full install from cd achieved (RFC)

Sat, May 05, 2001 at 03:49:06PM +0200 wrote:
> Hi!
> Yesterday I made my first complete install of debian woody using the new
> boot floppies,
yippee! I'm glad to hear it.

> RFC 1 (termwrap):
> I have used termwrap, rescued it from our scripts/basedisks/Attic, I have
> asked before about this and I ask again now, termwrap is called on our
> inittab for the installation second step, but it is not on current
> boot-floppies, it was moved to the attic by aph with this reason:
> remove this cruft; anything that needs to get into base needs to be
> added to debootstrap pkg, not here
> Well, I don't know if aph has filled a bug on this already against
> debootstrap, but debootstrap still doesn't install this file :-(
> What do we do about this?
I think what you did is fine.

> RFC 2 (debootstrap):
> I have made some additions to the woody script here, only one removal.
> I have removed fdutils because the interactive setup it has was breaking the
> install, as aj had noticed when building debootstrap 0.1.7, has anybody
> noticed the maintainer about this? shall I do it?
yes, please file a serious bug against fdutils.  It is preventing us from making
a boot floppy at install time.


> aj: I have noticed you have added libpcre2 to be installed, why this? I
> didn't see anything making it necesary :-?
> The things I have added on woody script so that it install all needed parts
> are: 
> locales, perl, perl-modules, adduser and base-config
> base-config is required to make the final step of the install.
> adduser is required by base-config, even though there is not deppend on it.
> perl is required by adduser.
> perl-modules is required by perl.
> locales is required if we want i18n support.
> This is a patch I have made for the locales support, what I do is at the
> beginning put LANG as C so that no error messages about locales are shown on
> console 4, then when locales are installed if the LANG of the install or the
> one chosen on the Language Chooser is different from C I do a locale-gen
> including the LANG that has been selected and set LANG back to that value
> now that we have that locale compiled.
> Please comment on this if you see any problem with it.
looks fine to me, how about file it as a bug against debootstrap.

>  info "Installing base packages"
> RFC 3 (dbootstrap):
> For the problem with the new lilo not working well because of lilo now being
> a wrapper that calls /sbin/lilo.real, between the two solutions that I had
> presented on my previous report and that nobody commented, I have chosen
> this one.

looks fine to me.

> For the problem of the cd files not being found I had proposed this patch.
> Again I ask for comments on it and if I should commit it :-?

This has come up a couple times before.  I think we were distracted at the time
by thining that the real problem was the path on the CDs.  I think this is a
good patch.

> diff -u -r boot-floppies/utilities/dbootstrap/extract_base.c boot-floppies.meu/utilities/dbootstrap/extract_base.c
> --- boot-floppies/utilities/dbootstrap/extract_base.c	Tue Apr 17 10:10:51 2001
> +++ boot-floppies.meu/utilities/dbootstrap/extract_base.c	Sat Apr 28 23:10:55 2001
> @@ -338,7 +338,7 @@
>    else
>    {
>        /* archive is on the filesystem */
> -      snprintf(prtbuf, sizeof prtbuf, "%s", Archive_Dir); 
> +      snprintf(prtbuf, sizeof prtbuf, "file:%s", Archive_Dir); 
>        source = prtbuf;
>    }
>    argv[0] = "/usr/sbin/debootstrap";
> Well, guess this is more or less all I did to have this going from cd, I
> have not done a full test of it yet, I suppose it will fail in a lot of
> places, but the return, return, return, return, ... procedure is working
> with this changes.
> What do you think, should I commit all this?

commit and file bugs, looks good to me.


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