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Re: di: seperate preperation and installation phases

There are two things that I would like to see in a new installer that I don't
see in debian-installer at the moment:

1. The ability to redo some of the installation after the system is all the way
set up.  I would like to see the same utility, same user interface, that people
can use to modify an existing installation.  For example adding new hardware or
reconfiguring the network, setting the timezone.  FreeBSD does this, it is very

2. An install system that isn't inherently Debian or Linux specific.  I would
love to see an system that was designed from the ground up to support a wide
variety of platforms.  This is a real tough one.  Maybe it doesn't make sense,
but I'd rather see us developing something that can be used by non-Debian
systems (like apt).

I want to be careful about changing the design of debian-installer though
because we have made it a long way and if we don't get the new installer
finished soon we'll be stuck with boot-floppies again for woody+1.


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