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Re: libc reduction and powerpc/apus woody boot floppies.

On Sun May 06, 2001 at 11:28:42AM +0200, Sven LUTHER wrote:
> Then you can try one of the other functions of the busybox (i don't know, but
> i guess something like ls or so will do, or even mount).

All busybox functions are symlinks to /bin/busybox.  So running more
'ldd' checks isn't going to tell us much.  

> Try this either in the chrooted environment and in the nomral one.
> Anyway, i am not sure i can help you much here, we need help from the
> boot-floppies people, ...
> That said, since you are using the precompiled busybox, this clearly warrants
> a bug against busybox.

I'm dubious.  I still havn't figured out exactly what the problem is.
So far I have only seen vague guesses to a problem, but I don't see
what the original problem is that people are guessing about.
So far, I'm guessing that the problem is some version of boot floppies
of powerpc failed to boot...

Is this a serial console?  What kernel verison is being used?
Do we have a log of what does happen on boot?


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