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Re: cdlinux progress report and roadmap

zhaoway wrote:
> hi,
> i will probably abandon the c version of the linuxrc code, and move to
> the debian busybox, at least this gives a better integration to the
> overall debian project. as time permits, i will finish this move in
> early may.
Cool, i will checkout what youve done, i may be able to help.

> two things to note.
> 1. where are the debs?
> we may need a deb virtual filesystem. i don't like dpkg-repack,
> because the overhead. and we may probably have no place to put the
> repacked deb. remember we only have ram to write on?
> to the gurus, a deb filesystem is probably trivial. i'm not a guru,
> but i will try. if nobody volunteer, or anybody comes with better
> idea. this will take me a month to write i guess. then we will have it
> ready in early july maybe. no waranty. ;)
Do you mean you want to make a virtual filesystem so the system can
access the files within the deb ?

Ive been working on some dpkg code in busybox, it can get inside debs
without needing to write anything to disk.

> 2. some chroot tricks.
> GUI program will running on CD, but it will fork dpkg running chroot
> on harddisk. harddisk would be formated in prior by other
> program. this is doable. as far as i can see for now. we still need a
> base.tgz, though. i roughly remember that someone on debian-boot
> mentioned that they don't need base.tgz, i really want to know the
> details. um, now think apache etc, chroot things maybe not that easy.
If you have dpkg from the start you can install the packages that make
up the base.tgz from .debs



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