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dpkg, udpkg and busybox

I just checked in some changes to udpkg which should make it generate a
correct status file when a program is installed, this will mean dselect
and other standard packaging tools wont spit the dummy.
I have only tested it with one program though, im sure there will some
more problems to sort out.

One thing i am concered about is that i created a lot more pointers for
each packages in the struct, so i should check the memmory usage.... 

Ive also been working on integrating udpkg into busybox, i have just
called it dpkg under busybox as it should be assumed that busybox's dpkg
is a cut down version of the real thing like everything else. The
buxybox version is lagging a bit behind now, i will fix it up tommorow.

It might make sense to merge busybox dpkg and busybox dpkg-deb as the
proper dpkg provides dpkg-deb functionality anyway, then again there
arent much overheads in haveing them seperate, if they are seperate it
would be possible to just have a busybox dpkg-deb without dpkg.
Its not a big issue or anything i guess, but what do you all think,
should busybox dpkg and dpkg-deb be combined ?


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