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debian-installer status, thoughts

Good news!  I just used netcfg-static to bring up the network on my machine
after booting off the floppy. fun.

1. 3c509 modules depends on isa-pnp module.  It looks like if you configure the
kernel to have modular isapnp, then some of the ISA modules are configured to
use that.  Does that mean we need isapnp-modules*.udeb?

2. ethdetect is too big :-(, I couldn't fit it. I'll look to see if it is
pulling in extra stuff. I expect it is, it shouldn't be that large. Anyway, that
forced me to insmod manually.

3. modprobe isn't happy with the modules.dep that I created.
depmod -n -F ksyms -a -b $(DEST)/ $(KVER) >
where ksyms was created by the 'depmod/create_syms' script in modutils.

4. . . . 

But we're getting close,


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