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Re: [boot-floppies] overhauling makefiles?

"Randolph Chung" <tausq@debian.org> writes:

> indeed. is there any reason why pathcmd can't be changed to something
> like:
> (in config)
> archive		= /archive/debian
> (in makefile)
> pathcmd         = ls -1ft $(CURDIR)/updates/P $(local_dir)/P $(archive)/pool/*/P 2>/dev/null | head -1
> of course, this assumes all the packages we want are in pools... this
> also doesn't deal with multiple versions and multiple architectures, though
> that should be easy to fix.

Yes.  In fact, they might all be dropped into one dir, I think.  

We still need to grab packages, e.g., kernel and pcmcia for rescue
disk and drivers, the pkgs needed in root.bin, etc.  I'm looking to
use the stuff in cvs:debian-installer/build/Makefile.  We'll make
whatever adoptions we need for that.

> while you are probably right that we should get things to work before
> optimizing, there are some things that are so evil in the tree now that
> fixing it might take less time. dbootstrap's makefile is probably a good 
> example of this. (i spent about an hour trying to get it to work on ia64
> and hppa, finally gave up and rewrote the makefile in about 10 minutes)

Go nuts.

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