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Re: [boot-floppies] overhauling makefiles?

"Randolph Chung" <tausq@debian.org> writes:

> Many people who work on boot-floppies have commented on the (unneeded)
> complexity of the makefiles. I'd be willing to spend some time trying to
> clean up the build system a bit. Is this a good time to do this? I'm
> sure it'll take some time to iron out all the corner cases for a change
> like this, but hopefully this will make things a lot more maintainable.

I have some changes in my working copy (as yet uncommitted)  which break
things into 


This is just moving stuff around, no substantive changes to the logic.

Here are the logic changes I want to do:

  - all the arch-level stuff should be broken into make.<arch> files

  - building, say, the compact 1.44 root disk should build the file
    right into release/images-1.44/compact/root.bin; this would
    eliminate the evil coupling between releases.sh and the top-level

However, I'm a little hestitant to do this, or have someone else work
on it, until we have the system building on woody, which right now,
means having it build with the pools.

> As an example of what I hope to achieve, see the attached sample
> top-level makefile that I hope we'll end up with (work-in-progress, does
> not work yet..)

Pretty much I'm doing the same thing, but where you're using a prefix
of 'build/Makefile.' I'm using a prefix of 'make.*'.

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