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Bug#67722: me, too -- PCMCIA/network conflict (cf #66284)

Mike Coleman <mcoleman2@kc.rr.com> writes:

> I'm not the original submitter, but I also seem to have just tripped
> over this bug.  I was using the vanilla floppies downloaded through
> the links in the instructions.  I don't know the exact version, but
> I grabbed them within the last week or so.

Could  you do 'depmod -a' on a newly installed system?

Could you please determine exactly which version you are using?  I
expect it's 2.2.20.  'uname -a' and 'ls /lib/modules' would help as

> At least part of the problem seems to be that doing a '/etc/init.d/pcmcia
> stop' doesn't work flawlessly.  That script is trying to remove modules in a
> way that fails.  That problem combined with some module insertion or removal
> that dbootstrap is trying to do causes failure.

We need exact output of that failure.  It might suffice to send to
this bug the /var/log/installer.log that was created during
installation, after you've rebooted into your system.

> In particular, the initial "configure PCMCIA" step seem to work
> fine.  The the "configure network" steps ends with a failure,
> although the information entered seems to be used/remembered
> correctly.  If I then redo "configure PCMCIA", networking is then up
> and working.  If I then redo "configure network", it breaks
> networking again.

Hmm.  I can't even test this, so, as I said, I need exact data.

Thanks a lot.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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