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Re: busybox insmod

Erik Andersen wrote:
> I'd love to.  There is one little problem.  Or rather, there are several
> little problems, specifically, alpha, hppa, m68k, mips, ppc, and sparc.  
> Busybox insmod requires a little bit of arch specific code for each
> arch.  So far, only x86, arm, and sh are supported.   So if I turn it on,
> I will get nasty emails from the autobuilders saying:
>     #error Sorry, but insmod.c does not yet support this architecture...

Ugh. Not having an insmod may stall d-i development, since we're pretty
close to having a bootable disk that can get up on the net. I don't
think the big insmod is really an option:

-rwxr-xr-x    1 root     root          83k Jan  9 07:54 /sbin/insmod*

At this point, I think it'd be best to enable it, and take the bug
reports. At least d-i development could continue on i386. Maybe it would
even motivate someone to send you patches..

> Excellent.  BTW, going to LinuxWorld?

Fraid not.

see shy jo

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