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Bug#67722: me, too -- PCMCIA/network conflict (cf #66284)

I'm not the original submitter, but I also seem to have just tripped over this
bug.  I was using the vanilla floppies downloaded through the links in the
instructions.  I don't know the exact version, but I grabbed them within the
last week or so.

At least part of the problem seems to be that doing a '/etc/init.d/pcmcia
stop' doesn't work flawlessly.  That script is trying to remove modules in a
way that fails.  That problem combined with some module insertion or removal
that dbootstrap is trying to do causes failure.

In particular, the initial "configure PCMCIA" step seem to work fine.  The the
"configure network" steps ends with a failure, although the information
entered seems to be used/remembered correctly.  If I then redo "configure
PCMCIA", networking is then up and working.  If I then redo "configure
network", it breaks networking again.


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