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Re: Debian's new installer

	Hi all,
	I think that anyone is free to help debian gnu/linux distro and project.
	I dont know if projects are similars in goals and design ...
	Debian installer uses a lot debconf and dpkg (things that Conectiva
doesnt use. You use linuxconf and rpm  :( ). Although Conectiva uses apt-get, it
bases in rpm that is thin and bad.
	Join the cvs and feel free to checkout the source code and start
to hacking.
	You can join the progeny linux too or stormix. They already have 
excelent installers!
	Thanks again.
	Regards,		PH

Em Wed, 24 Jan 2001 16:44:44 -0200 (EST)
Luciano Baretta Mandryk <baretta@conectiva.com.br> escreveu:

> Hi all!
> I recently subscribed to this list, so let me introduce myself: I'm Luciano
> Baretta Mandryk, lead developer of MI (Conectiva's Modular Installer). I think
> some of you have already heard about Conectiva Inc. :-)
> I've seen you guys are developing a new installer (I got some material from your
> list archives and took a look at some docs in your CVS). Have you seen
> Conectiva's installer? I think it's quite close to everything you want. It was
> fully developed by us with 3 things in mind: automated installations, modularity
> and ease-of-use. Believe it or not, one of its requisites was: "it should be
> able to install both Conectiva and Debian distros". Of course it currently does
> not, because none of us got enough free time to do that. I think you can adapt
> it to Debian without pain. :-)
> More on that: We are planning to rewrite it almost from scratch, improving the
> good concepts and changing our mistakes. Its final objective remains the
> same: be an installer that can be used by any distro. Based on that, I'd like to
> suggest a joint effort from Conectiva and Debian people toward it.
> What do you guys think about that?
> Best regards,
> --
> 	Luciano Baretta Mandryk
> 	Conectiva, Inc.
> 	http://www.conectiva.com
> -- 
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