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Debian's new installer

Hi all!

I recently subscribed to this list, so let me introduce myself: I'm Luciano
Baretta Mandryk, lead developer of MI (Conectiva's Modular Installer). I think
some of you have already heard about Conectiva Inc. :-)

I've seen you guys are developing a new installer (I got some material from your
list archives and took a look at some docs in your CVS). Have you seen
Conectiva's installer? I think it's quite close to everything you want. It was
fully developed by us with 3 things in mind: automated installations, modularity
and ease-of-use. Believe it or not, one of its requisites was: "it should be
able to install both Conectiva and Debian distros". Of course it currently does
not, because none of us got enough free time to do that. I think you can adapt
it to Debian without pain. :-)

More on that: We are planning to rewrite it almost from scratch, improving the
good concepts and changing our mistakes. Its final objective remains the
same: be an installer that can be used by any distro. Based on that, I'd like to
suggest a joint effort from Conectiva and Debian people toward it.

What do you guys think about that?

Best regards,

	Luciano Baretta Mandryk
	Conectiva, Inc.

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