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Re: Debian's new installer

On Wed, 24 Jan 2001, Paulo Henrique Baptista de Oliveira wrote:

>	Hi all,
>	I think that anyone is free to help debian gnu/linux distro and project.
>	I dont know if projects are similars in goals and design ...
>	Debian installer uses a lot debconf and dpkg (things that Conectiva
>doesnt use. You use linuxconf and rpm  :( ). Although Conectiva uses apt-get, it
>bases in rpm that is thin and bad.

Well, rpm is linked against only one (ok, two) separate modules of the
installer, and we don't use (at least not yet) linuxconf in it.
As we have pm_rpm and pkglist_hdlist, you can have pm_dpkg and pkglist_packages
or whatever you use :-)

>	Join the cvs and feel free to checkout the source code and start
>to hacking.
>	You can join the progeny linux too or stormix. They already have 
>excelent installers!
>	Thanks again.
>	Regards,		PH


	Luciano Baretta Mandryk

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