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Re: HPT366 install disks: do we have them?

On Wed, Jan 24, 2001 at 04:10:40AM -0500, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Ok, but what is this? 
> > echo 4= experimental support enabled (2.4.0)

An example of letting people choose between a linux2.2 kernel, and a
linux 2.4.0 kernel.

> > :THREE
> > echo using SCSI kernel
> > loadlin.exe linscsi root=/dev/ram ro initrd=root.bin
> Doens't seem right.  Shouldn't the line be something more like:
>  loadlin.exe compact\linux root=/dev/ram ro initrd=images-1.44\compact\root.bin

yes and no. If you look at the path I gave you, 

the exact line IT uses, is

loadlin.exe linux root=/dev/ram ro initrd=root.bin

On the other hand, yeah, you'll need to copy extra kernel images into that
directory, to make the script work ;-)
I'm not sure whether loadlin will actually take ../ paths.
(but I think it IS happy with forward slashes)

> I really need something that will work on official CDs with stuff in
> the official locations.
> Also, you skipped the -udma66 kernel ?

Well, contrariwise, I need the official CDs to work! Which requires
changing them anyway.

For example, I haven't found an hpt-udma66 kernel on them.

If you want to restructure the script so that it works in a way you like
better, feel free.

The main thing is that I want the choice of kernels in simple menu form
(with descriptions!), and I've now shown you how to do that.

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