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Re: HPT366 install disks: do we have them?

phil@bolthole.com writes:

> * I could care less about boot floppies: I boot directly from cdrom.

Doesn't matter.  Boot-floppies is just the name.  It covers CD-ROM,
install from local disk, network, whatever.

> * What follows is a suggested replacement for (debian 2.2)
>   (/cdrom)/install/boot.bat
>   which is a "boot from msdos" util script, not the default "boot from cdrom"
>   script. I'm not sure where that is, otherwise I'd offer a suggestion for
>   that, too.

Ok, but what is this? 

> echo 4= experimental support enabled (2.4.0)


> echo using SCSI kernel
> loadlin.exe linscsi root=/dev/ram ro initrd=root.bin

Doens't seem right.  Shouldn't the line be something more like:

 loadlin.exe compact\linux root=/dev/ram ro initrd=images-1.44\compact\root.bin

[Not sure about the back slashes.]

I really need something that will work on official CDs with stuff in
the official locations.

Also, you skipped the -udma66 kernel ?

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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