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Re: finer grained udeb's?

Joey Hess wrote:
> > > A similar, perhaps more important, and easier to implement situation exists with
> > > kernel modules.  If someone wants only the eepro100 module, will there be
> > > separate kernel modules?
> > >
> > > kernel-module-eepro100.udeb
> > > kernel-module-3c509.udeb
> > > etc.
> > >
> >
> > Yea, there was an email that touchec on this a week or so ago, we want
> > to handle kernel modules as individual packages or groups of kernel
> > modules might be in one package.
> Yeah I'm not sure what makes the most sense here. Probably logical
> groups that are not too large but not a single-module granularity.

Reiserfs kernel module is 183KB, so as far as its size goes i would
think that it justifies it to go in its own udeb, 183KB a relatively big
overhead if your not going to use it. 

Maybe reiserfs is one of only a few modules that are big enough to
justify there own udeb.


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