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Re: finer grained udeb's?

Glenn McGrath wrote:
> > While working on support for dhclient in debian-installer I noticed that
> > busybox will need to have 'expr' added. I wonder how this should be handled.
> > I guess it makes sense to add 'expr' since it is only a few k, and so far pump
> > hasn't worked for me (could still be user error at this point.), but at some
> > point we may see that busybox needs to be more modular?
> > 
> Its hard and maybe counterproductive to break up busybox, it would be
> best if built busybox with everything we needed from the start.

Yeah, I agree with Glenn. Breaking up busybox doesn't tend to save

> If that wasnt suitable then maybe we could have a cut down version and a
> full version with everything, the full version could be fetched if
> needed and replace the cutdown version.

Yes -- I do think there might be room for an expanded second-stage busybox
udeb that is installed after the base system bootstraps itself.

> > A similar, perhaps more important, and easier to implement situation exists with
> > kernel modules.  If someone wants only the eepro100 module, will there be
> > separate kernel modules?
> > 
> > kernel-module-eepro100.udeb
> > kernel-module-3c509.udeb
> > etc.
> > 
> Yea, there was an email that touchec on this a week or so ago, we want
> to handle kernel modules as individual packages or groups of kernel
> modules might be in one package.

Yeah I'm not sure what makes the most sense here. Probably logical
groups that are not too large but not a single-module granularity.

see shy jo

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