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RE: Problem with SCSI adapters

Hi Jim,

take a look at the customized boot disks by Kevin Trass (http://www.merilus.com/~kevin/aacraid.html) and Mr. Nokubi (http://www.eal.or.jp/~nokubi/aacraid-disk/).

They might work for you. I haven't been able to install 2.2rev2 on a DELL PowerEdge 4400 with a PERC2 4-channel RAID adapter because either set of bootdisks crashes with a kernel panic when trying to do a "mkfs" on the newly partitioned RAID5 container.

My situation is comparable to yours. I reverted to RedHat due to my inability to install Debian on the 4400. Unfortunately, I was also not successful in creating my own boot disks so that I rely on someone putting the drivers in the boot images.

As far as I know, my PERC2 needs the aacraid driver from Adaptec. Older PERC controller and, IMHO, the PERC-2DC models are based on an AMI Megatrends chipset and therefore require the megaraid driver.

A possible cause for the crash might be the onboard AIC7899 and AIC7880 controllers where only the latter is used for a SCSI CD-ROM in my system.

I can forward you a bunch of emails about this problem if you want.


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> Subject: Problem with SCSI adapters
> I am trying to load a dell server 4400 poweredge with 2.2 Rev2.  
> Hardware raid array is the problem.
> The built in Perc3 card doesn't get a driver.  Dell distributes a RedHat
> driver disk for the install..Can I make this work with Debian?
>   There is also an RPM with the driver on it.
> I have also plugged in another Perc 2 card I believe it is AMI 
> Series 467 2
> channel.  When the kernel boots I get a megaraid driver for this card that
> freezes.  The last line is
> SCSI2 : Found a megaraid controller at 0xfc804008, IRQ: 14
> HELP!!! I would love to get either card working.  If not I will 
> have to turn
> to RedHat.  Personal preference is Debian and I was trying to keep it that
> way :-)
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