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Problem with SCSI adapters

I am trying to load a dell server 4400 poweredge with 2.2 Rev2.  

Hardware raid array is the problem.

The built in Perc3 card doesn't get a driver.  Dell distributes a RedHat
driver disk for the install..Can I make this work with Debian?
  There is also an RPM with the driver on it.

I have also plugged in another Perc 2 card I believe it is AMI Series 467 2
channel.  When the kernel boots I get a megaraid driver for this card that
freezes.  The last line is

SCSI2 : Found a megaraid controller at 0xfc804008, IRQ: 14

HELP!!! I would love to get either card working.  If not I will have to turn
to RedHat.  Personal preference is Debian and I was trying to keep it that
way :-)

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