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Re: dhclient or dhcpcd for debian-installer?

On 15 Jan 2001 at 23:28 (-0800), David Whedon wrote:
| I've had some excitement choosing a chcp client for debian-installer, and it
| looks like we may have been pushed to once choice, dhclient.
| dhcpcd(10k) - is riddled with bugs and the security team has asked that it be
| removed from Debian.

could you point me toward some of these bugs and security issues so 
I might attempt to fix them. I don't want to see dhcpcd removed
from debian, as it is the only one that has consistently worked
across 4 different broadband providers (granted, I had to roll my
own deb of version dhcpcd_1.3.19-pl2, becuase the one in unstable
is over a year old :().


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