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Re: dhclient or dhcpcd for debian-installer?

David Whedon wrote:
> I've had some excitement choosing a chcp client for debian-installer, and it
> looks like we may have been pushed to once choice, dhclient.
> pump(22k) - no one has said anything nice about it, and some have strongly
> recommended that it not be used.
Simple is no good if it doesnt work.

> dhclient(38k) - I haven't heard anything bad about it, only problem is it is
> rather large.

dhclient is the best without a doubt, it is really configurable, its
been around for ages on many different architectures/OS's, its
actively(im pretty sure) mainatained by the same people who maintain
I used to be on a network that only worked with dhclient (pump was not
around then)

Is it worth saving 16KB and introducing the possibility of it not
working with a small minority of users.

Its a hard call


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